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It's all about the Tube!

Skater Socks evolved from childhood dreams of skateboarding around town in the 70's rocking Tube Socks.

Our Vision in 2003

-Bring back the original American made striped tube socks from the 60's-

-Make them in the heartland of America just like back in the day-

-Make them the world's most comfortable sock out of cotton-

-Be the world's original source-

And the rest is History...

History of Striped Tube Socks

Striped tube socks became popular in America during the late 1960's where they originated from. At that time, there was a lot of new sports hitting the scene thus became the explosion of Striped Tube Socks. People really enjoyed matching team colors as it was new and exciting.

Most everyone in America was rocking them whether it was the kids or adults. The stretch of the socks was awesome as it provided the ability to rock them knee high or ankle high. Either way the stripes and colors could still be seen. Red and Blue stripes were the most popular ones as they resembled the American flag.

The popularity of them faded away in the 80's and throughout the 90's.

Then Skater Socks
arrived with a bang.

2003-2011 North County San Diego, Ca.
2012-2015 Next to the factory in Alabama.
2015+ Destin, FL

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